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Perfrez® 9021C Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) Enhanced for Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries

Perfrez® 9021C is a high performance grade of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) compound that is specially formulated for use under the most severe thermal and chemical environments found in many chemical and hydrocarbon processes. While most other elastomers deteriorate rapidly under harsh operating conditions, Perfrez® 9021C continues to perform to expectations.

Characterised by its low compression set, Perfrez® 9021C is a black compound which exhibits extraordinary stability over extended service conditions in exceptionally hostile environments. 9021C offers outstanding chemical and thermal resistance with enhanced mechanical properties, and is suited for use in the most demanding environments where seals are exposed to chemical attack and elevated temperature.

Resistance to Special Environments

Where hydrofluorocarbon elastomers fail to deliver expected service life under severe operating conditions, perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) is the product of choice. Perfluoroelastomers can withstand corrosive oxidising agents and acids, and resist the degrading effects of organic and inorganic bases. Perfrez® 9021C delivers all of the exceptional properties of perfluoroelastomers, along with excellent thermal stability for prolonged service life at continuous service temperature of 310 degrees C.

Properties of Perfrez 9021C

Elastomer sealing components when exposed to high temperature, corrosive fluid and gases during chemical processes undergo degradation resulting in weight loss. Sealing components that form a part of the equipment used in the production of chemicals and hydrocarbons must meet the exceptionally stringent performance requirements of low weight lost, low compression set and low volume swell when exposed to severe operating environments.

Perfrez® 9021C is fabricated from perfluoroelastomers which are fully fluorinated elastomers whereby hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine atoms, resulting in an highly stable compound due to the strong bond between carbon and fluorine. The exceptional properties of Perfrez® 9021C is further enhanced by using compounding additives, resulting in end-products that last for longer durations when exposed to demanding service conditions. Perfrez® 9021C exhibits lower weight loss and less degradation than similar perfluoroelastomers compounds that have not undergone such properties enhancements.

At Gmors® Rubber, we select only the highest quality compounding additives and fillers such as accelerators, curatives, coupling agents, fire retardants and more, to arrive at your final product.

Low Compression Set

The extend to which a material is able to retain its form, dimensions and elasticity upon the release of a sustained force is known as compression set resistance. Temperature will affect a material's compression set resistance as a higher temperature corresponds to an increase in material aging. Perfrez® 9021C offers lower compression set resistance than other competing products based on comparative temperature ratings.

Low Volume Swell

Volume swell is an indicator of an elastomer's fluid compatibility. Elastomer seals, o-rings and gaskets are susceptible to swelling and degradation as a result of the absorption of gas or fluid. Swelling increases friction and reduces abrasion resistance and toughness, and also results in contamination and the reduction of service life. Perfrez® 9021C has exceptional low volume swell, as determined by chemical compatibility tests.

Thermal and Chemical Resistance

Perfrez® 9021C satisfies all the requirements of sealing components under the most extreme and challenging thermal and chemical environments.

Major Application

Perfrez® 9021C seals deliver all of the high performance properties of perfluoroelastomers and is widely used by manufacturers of equipment over an extensive range of industries.

1. Chemical processing industry
2. Aeronautical / aerospace
3. Petrochemical
4. Semiconductor fabrication
5. Oil and gas extraction and processing
6. Power generation
7. Hydrocarbon processing
8. Pharmaceutical and food industry

More Benefits

Perfrez® 9021C sealing components offer our customers advantages by combining product performance with dedicated service and technical support:

1. Product reliability means lower operating cost and extended intervals between maintenance.
2. Longer service life resulting in productivity increase and cost reduction.
3. Increase in operational safety and reliability
4. Product standardisation resulting in inventory reduction

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