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Rapid Gas Decompression O-Ring

Rapid Gas Decompression (aka Explosive Decompression)

In many high pressure gas processes in the oil and gas industry, damage to elastomeric sealing components as a result of rapid gas decompression, also known as explosive decompression, is a common occurrence. These damages can be costly in terms of safety, financial and environmental implications. Explosive decompression is a common phenomena which happens when gases or liquefied gases under high pressure is abruptly released, resulting in a rapid expansion of absorbed gas within the elastomeric compound, thus damaging the seal. However, damage to seals can also occur even as decompression takes place over many hours. Hence, the prefix "explosive" can be misleading.

Perfrez 9021A Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) Enhanced for Rapid Gas Decompression Applications

Perfrez 9021A is a NORSOK M-710 certified ED resistant perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) compound that offers superior chemical compatibility and high temperature performance, coupled with exceptional resistance to rapid gas decompression (RGD). Explosive decompression (ED) is a potential cause of seal failure, and Perfrez 9021A is the ideal solution for sealing applications for down-hole and surface equipment in oilfield operations, and for gas compressors, gas re-injection equipment and other equipment manufacturers who must factor in the effects of high pressure gases on seal and joint integrity.

Perfrez 9021A is a high performing perfluoroelastomer compound which meets the requirements of high modulus and hardness, and along with its excellent chemical, thermal and RGD resistance properties, is the preferred choice for sealing applications under the most harsh environments.

Perfrez 9021A is a NORSOK M-710 certified compound meeting the requirements of elastomeric sealing under conditions of rapid gas decompression (refer to test certificate below). However, the performance of individual seals for specific applications under conditions of RGD is highly complex, and design parameters such as seal and housing design, along with seal material are all variables which will determine seal integrity. For example, extreme temperatures, volume swell, chemical attack and extrusion can all have an adverse effect on the strength of elastomers.

While most elastomers give way to cracks and blisters when absorbed gases within the elastomeric seals force its way out under decompression, Perfrez® 9021A continues to perform to expectations because of its superior RGD properties and broad chemical compatibility.

Perfrez 9021A is available as o-rings, gaskets and custom-molded designs.

Product Benefits

l Superior RGD resistance with a reduction of equipment downtime.
l Combined RGD properties with the widest range of resistance to chemical attack.
l Hardness reduces the instance of material extrusion.
l Maintenance cost reduction
l Enhance the safety aspect of equipment operation.

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